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We believe that all Andreans should cultivate ecological citizenship, and thereby inspire positive environmental change for sustainable living within our school community and beyond.

Since 2002, SAC's student committee - the St. Andrew's Green Environmentalists (SAGE) - has acted as a hub for further greening the School. Today, through the Upper School Environmental Council and the Middle School Green Team, we want to build on that foundation and demonstrate leadership in terms of environmental sustainability in all walks of school life. Our goal is that everyone in the School community become one of St. Andrew’s Green Environmentalists, in spirit and by modelling a campus-wide ethic of environmental citizenship. As a community, we understand the environmental impact of the decisions the School makes, and we are acting locally to make the campus as sustainable as possible.

We are working to instill an environmental ethic in all members of our school community and will seek to apply that ethic when making decisions that affect the School. We believe our school's organizational behaviour and attitudes must reflect the commitments made in our Environmental Plan. In other words, we must walk our talk.

By doing so, we aim to inspire our students to demonstrate leadership in terms of ecological citizenship and hope they graduate to become agents of change in our society’s transition to a sustainable future.


We take pride in the School's commitment to environmental stewardship as an important component of our overall mission to "the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen." Being a good citizen means working for the betterment of our world, locally and globally and in line with SAC's new Environmental Creed, we want to inspire positive environmental change for sustainable living within our school community and beyond.
Kevin McHenry, Headmaster
St. Andrew's College
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