January 25-27, 2019. Games will be played at the La Brier Family Arena, the Aurora Community Centre, and the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex.

Players must be full-time students at their respective high school. Players from other provinces in Canada or other countries must be eligible to compete for their high school according to their school association eligibility rules. Rosters must be filed with the tournament committee prior to a team’s first game, and no substitutions will be permitted thereafter. In the case of goaltender injury or suspension, a third goaltender (if not already rostered) may be added to the tournament roster but must fulfill the eligibility requirements above. 

The eight teams will be divided into two divisions (the Meagher Division and the Hamilton Division) of four teams each. Each team will play a single round robin in its division on Friday and Saturday. During this time, each team will have three games. After the round robin play, the standings will be tabulated in each division. Games will be 3 periods of 15 minutes each (stop time). There will be a five-minute warm-up prior to each game. When possible, floods will be after teams have completed their five-minute warm-up and after the second period. Standings during the round robin will be tabulated as follows:

Wins = three (3) points, 
Overtime Wins = two (2) points,
Ties = one (1) point
Overtime Loss = one (1) point
Regulation Losses = zero (0) points 

The cross-over Semi-finals (1st in one division vs. 2nd in the opposite division) will take place on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The two losing teams will play for the Bronze Medal at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. The two winners will play for the Silver and Gold Medals at 1:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon. Home team for the Consolation & Championship matches will be determined by the team with a) the most points, if tied then: b) most Regulation Wins in tournament, if teams are tied after (b) then: c) fewest goals against, if tied after (c) then: d) greatest goal differential in the tournament, if tied after (d) then: e) team with the fewest penalty minutes.

Tie breaks will be used following completed round-robin play within each division and will apply only to resolving a tie for first and second place or a tie for second and third place. 

A) In the case of a two-way tie: 
(a) The winner of the game between the two tied teams in their round-robin game takes
the higher standing. If this is tied then: 
(b) The team with the most Regulation Wins in the three round-robin games takes the higher standing. If this is tied then: 
(c) The team with the greatest goal differential in the round robin takes the higher standing, to a maximum of +/- 5 goals per game. If this is tied then:
(d) The team with the fewest goals against in the round robin takes the higher standing. If this is tied then: 
(e) The team with the fewest penalty minutes against in the game between the tied teams in their round-robin game takes the higher standing. If this is tied then: 
(f) The team with the fewest penalty minutes against all teams in round robin play takes the higher standing.

B) In the case of a three-way tie, the following priority list will be used to determine the RANKINGS of the Three Tied Teams. The results used will be those only of the THREE TIED TEAMS

(a) Highest number of regulation wins
(b) Highest goal differential (GF-GA) to a maximum of +/- 5 goals per game
(c) Lowest goals against
(d) Highest goals for percentage of total goals  GF/(GF+GA) *100 = GF%
(e) Fewest Penalty Minutes (PIM)

If (after all the above) teams remain tied, the Tournament Committee will supervise a coin toss to determine the final standings.

(A) There will be a five-minute, sudden-victory overtime period (the first goal wins) if any of the round robin games are tied. Overtime will be played with three skaters plus a goalie. If the game remains tied at the end of the overtime period, it will stand as a tie and each team will receive one point in the standings.

(B) In the case of the Consolation game on Sunday at 11:00 a.m., if the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a five minute sudden-victory overtime period, where teams will play with three skaters plus a goalie. If the game remains tied following the overtime period, there will be a three-man shoot-out. If a player from either team remains penalized at the conclusion of overtime, he will be permitted to participate in the shoot-out. Prior to the shoot-out, each coach will submit a list of three players to participate in the shoot-out to the off-ice officials at the penalty box. If, after the first three shooters, the score remains tied, the shoot-out will continue in sudden-victory format. Each team will have one player shoot until one team scores and the other team does not. All players from each team must participate in the shoot-out before a previous player may shoot again.

(C) In the Semi-finals and Championship games, overtime will consist of sudden-victory. The ice will not be resurfaced at the conclusion of regulation time. There will be a three-minute rest period. The first overtime period will be 15 minutes stop-time and will be played with three skaters, plus a goalie. If the game remains tied, the ice will be resurfaced and a second overtime period will be played for 15 minutes stop-time with three skaters, plus a goalie (if time permits). Following the second overtime period, the shoot-out format described in (B) above will take place.

Rulings on a dispute or possible suspension will be handled by the Tournament Convenor and Committee, the Referee-in-Chief & the Referee doing the game in which the incident took place. The Tournament Committee ruling will be final.

All Hockey Canada rules will be enforced with the following adjustments: 
a) Hybrid Icing will be enforced
b) Face-offs following a penalty with occur in the attacking zone for the team on a power-play
c) One thirty second time-out per team per game. 
c) Any player receiving a five-minute major or game misconduct is suspended for the next tournament game. A fighting major will result in automatic expulsion from the tournament. 
d) If a player receives 3 separate ten-minute misconducts in tournament play, that player shall be ejected from the tournament.  

Gold, silver and bronze medallions will be presented to the championship, runner-up and third place team members respectively. The Lloyd C. MacPherson Cup will be presented to the Championship team, along with a ‘keeper’ banner. The Cup resides at St. Andrew’s College year round. The J.P. McClocklin Trophy and a ‘keeper’ plaque will be presented to the Tournament’s Most Valuable Player. The Robin Fraser Plaque will be presented to the player best exemplifying qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and high caliber play. A six-member all-star team will be selected to recognize outstanding tournament play. Plaques will be awarded to three forwards, two defencemen and one goaltender.

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