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Welcome to the 39th annual MacPherson Hockey Tournament!

For nearly four decades, the staff and students of St. Andrew’s College have looked forward to this event with great anticipation. For some, hockey truly is Canada’s favourite pastime, and this tournament has always generated tremendous enthusiasm and spirit among our entire Andrean community and beyond.
Several SAC alums and their families will rekindle their connection with the school this weekend, returning to watch the tournament and enjoy a full program of sports and activities back on campus. It must be especially thrilling and nostalgic for returning Old Boys who once played hockey for SAC. Many of our First Hockey players have gone on to pursue academic and athletic dreams at great schools in Canada and the USA, and for the past six years, at least one player has been drafted annually into the NHL. We couldn’t be prouder of the commitment of our student-athletes who devote their time and energy to their craft and their studies.
As a coach, player, and avid fan, watching the fast-paced and competitive games featured at the MacPherson Tournament is always exciting. This year we draw teams from Ontario, Alberta, Ohio, Connecticut, Indiana, and New York. While all teams strive to win, none should lose sight of the need for fair play and respect for one’s opponent. Competition and camaraderie are what this tournament has come to stand for.
It is quite a testament to our school, coaches, players, and staff that the tournament has evolved to the stature it has today. Like so many other things about St. Andrew’s, it has become one of our treasured traditions and a proud symbol of how well our hockey team performs on the North American stage.
On behalf of St. Andrew’s, our students, parents, alums, and the tournament committee, I extend our best wishes for success to all participants.
Kevin R. McHenry
Head of School