1899 in Toronto, moved to Aurora campus in 1926

Kevin R. McHenry, appointed in 2009
B.BA(Hons.), Wilfrid Laurier University; B.Ed., University of Western Ontario; M.Ed., University of Toronto


390 day students
260 boarding students from 25 countries

Total Faculty:
Male: 46 (69%)
Female: 21 (31%)

Faculty with advanced degrees:

Student/Teacher Ratio:

Meets the guidelines set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is enriched to provide a wide assortment of electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students have tablet computers and conduct and submit their coursework online.

Advanced Placement Tests:
St. Andrew;s College is a member of the Council of AP Schools in Ontario (CAPSON). In 2018, 35% of students in the Class of 2018 and 50% of the CLass of 2019 wrote at least one AP exam. 88% of the 154 exams written in16 subjects were scored 3 or higher; 77% were scored 4 or higher. 25% of students taking AP exams earned scholar status.

Special Academic Programs:
McEwen Leadership; Enriched French; Engineering & Robotics; AP Capstone; CIS eLearning Consortium; Math, Science & Geography Competitions; Public Speaking & Debating; Arts; Residential Life Curriculum.

Academic Trips:
Belgium & France Battlefields Tour; St. Andrew’s Society for Service Around the World (SASSAW); Harvard Association Cultivating Inter American Democracy (HACIA Summit); Cadet; Music; Extended French authentic experience trips to France and St. Donat; etc.

Community Service:
40 hours of community service required.

125 acres
19 buildings
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2018-2019 Tuition:
$35,680 - Day Students
$38,305-  Day Students requiring a study permit
$60,400 - Boarding Students
$66,375-  International Boarding Students

Financial Aid:
$2.6 million awarded to 171 boys (27% of our student population).

University Acceptances for 2017:
The 115 members of the Class of 2017 received 513 offers of admission; 397 from Ontario, 44 outside Ontario, 55 U.S., and 17 international. On average there were 4.5 acceptances for each student and 80% graduated as Ontario Scholars.  

Approval and Accreditation:
Conference of Independent Schools (CIS)
International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC)
National Association of Boarding Schools (NAIS)
Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

List of 6 members.

St. Andrew's College
15800 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 3H7 Canada
Tel: 905-727-3178