Upper School students gather weekly, day boys on Tuesday and boarders on Thursday, at the beginning of the day for a time of worship and inspiration in the Memorial Chapel. Supporting the vision of the Rev. Dr. D. Bruce Macdonald to develop men of strong and well-rounded character, the Chapel seeks to assist students to develop in spirit.

The service includes the singing of a hymn, a reading, prayers, and a meditation. Respecting the variety of faiths represented in the Andrean community, the focus of the service is on themes common to people of good faith everywhere, such as the development of good character and expressing that character in caring for others and our world.

Hymns are from the St. Andrew’s Hymnbook, which is a collection of Christian hymns chosen for their inclusive content, as well as traditional hymns sung throughout Andrean history.

The readings are usually from the Bible, but may also be from other major faiths, as well as secular sources. The readings are often read by students.

The meditations are usually presented by the School Chaplain, the Rev. Bruce J. Roffey. However, students such as Prefects, faculty members, as well as other guest speakers frequently provide the meditation.

One of the highlights of the year is An Andrean Christmas at Roy Thomson Hall. Rehearsals are held during Chapel time in November and early December.

Other special services include:

  • Thanksgiving Prayer Circle held with the whole school on the Quad
  • Remembrance Day
  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
  • Cadet Inspection
  • Prefect Announcement Service
  • Prize Day
Another service not held on campus is the Cadet Church Parade, which is held at Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora.

The Chapel is under the direction of the Rev. Bruce J. Roffey, School Chaplain, and Mr. John Clements, School Organist.
Tuesday and Thursday: 8:10-8:25 a.m. for Upper School (Note: Monday is #1 Dress)
Mr. Dave Stewart

Mrs. Jane Bedard
Phone: 905.727.3178 Ext.260
The Rev. Bruce J. Roffey 
2002 - present
The Rev. Robert J. Arril 
1988 - 2002
The Rev. Robert W. Meagher
1972 - 1987
The Rev. W. Clair Woodbury
1969 - 1971
The Rev. Dr. John M. Wilkie
1966 - 1969
The Headmaster was the Chaplain until 1966
St. Andrew's College
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