Our camp offers a wide selection if specialties that differ each week and by age group to provide the best variety and most appropriate level of difficulty. There are additional fees for all specialties.
Here is a list of our specialties:
Science & Technology
- Spybotics
- Flight & Rocketry
- Space Camp
- Competitive Robotics
- Web Camp
- Lego NXT
- Rocketry
The Arts:
- Dance
- Visual Arts
- Theatre
- Music
- Batons, Ribbons, and Ropes
- Digital Photography
- Cooking
- Creative Writing
Sports & Recreation
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Xtreme
- Survivor Challenge
- Instructional Swim
- Hockey
- Track & Field
To see more information for which age group and weeks each specialty is available, please see our Program Descriptions here.
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